Interview Question answers for Medical coding

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Tell me about yourself.


Very Good morning sir/madam.

First of all, I would thank to giving a wonderful opportunity to introduce Myself.

I am Puja, I belong to kadapa,

My highest qualification is ...........................................

I pursued my XXX with the specialization of XXX  from --------------- College  in the year of -----------. I have good skill set of -------------and also in depth knowledge of MS Office. When I speak about my family, the family is my biggest strength it consists of ---------- members. My father is an -----------------------, my mother is a homemaker, and -----------------------.

My short term goal is to take an  job in the reputed organization and long term Goal is to take a higher position in reputed organization.

My hobbies are reading general awareness, cooking, farming with my family. Great fond of nature.

That's all about me, thank you.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?


It’s common for interviewers to ask job candidates to describe their proudest or most significant accomplishments, and for most people, this can be a challenging question to answer.

It’s important to understand that this question usually serves a few purposes. Your description of the achievement helps the interviewer evaluate whether your skills and character traits are a good fit for the position in question. The accomplishment that you choose to describe also gives the interviewer a sense of your background, values and interests. This can help the interviewer decide whether your personal attitudes would fit well with the company culture and objectives.

What kinds of skills do you have that would benefit this company?


I feel strange, because noone can guarantee that my skills must make the company successful.

However, if I don't answer something like this, my answer will be very weak.

I would like to see other people's opinions about whether "contribute" is appropriately used in my sentence.

Why should I hire you?


You should hire me because I am diligent person and I had a determination to work & to prove my knowledge and skills in your company. And if you hire me I will not promise but I'll do my best to prove myself because I believe that anyone can be a good employee even if it's a fresher and it's my pleasure to work in your company. Thank you.

What do you know about this company?


I was research about your company XYZ through website and Google.

My friend brother also told me that about your company who working still here.

Also, I checked your product and diff kinds of working Field sector.

As I am already told you that my favorite field is QPR. Your company is working and researching on that so I give you assuring I will working in this company 100% by using my skills and knowledge.

Thank you.

What do you think you’ll be doing 5 years from now?


Living in this world is a challenge for all of us Human being.

5 years from now, I will become more responsible as who I am today, as what I have tomorrow and as who I am in the future. Words define more about things, but reality presents about who I am even my feelings beyond expectations.

Today I am a student, but tomorrow and the rest of my days, I am a strong man living in the world that full of challenges even struggles and problems just to success not only for thyself but also for the next generation of my life and very proud to say "I am a Son of a farmer, aiming high for the best future of life, Now the Greatest man of the World beyond".

Why did you leave your last job?


I have learned many things from previous company, my colleagues are also supportive but my career growth is too much slow. So I would like to grow my career and financially help to my family.

What was your greatest failure?


It can be difficult to answer a question about your failures. There are a lot of traps that you have to avoid. It helps to know what the hiring manager is really asking. They want to know how you handled yourself in that failure, and what you see as a failure. They also want to see how you react to getting asked about it. Did you really learn anything, or are you defensive and deny it The way you answer this question will show them how you react in the face of bad news. It can also show them your level of confidence, y our ability to learn from mistakes and your desire to better yourself.

What is your greatest weakness?


This is another common question which increases the anxiety level of the candidate. The interviewer is not interested in your answer to the question unless you tell about a weakness which will directly affect the work. He is more interested in the way you deal with the question.

Here are some ways to deal with the question:

a.) Offer a weakness absolutely un-related to work – For e.g. I can’t cook though I have been staying alone for years now.

b.) Offer a strength posing it to be a weakness – For e.g. My friends often accuse me of being too conscious about the time to do everything but for me it is discipline and punctuality.

c.) Offer a humorous weakness – For e.g. I have a passion for speed and bikes are my weakness.

Can you work under pressure?


Yes of course! in fact, I have done a lot of work at school and college level under pressure and for me, pressure is good because it motivates you to do the best.

Why did you choose your college major?


"I’ve always been good at crunching numbers, documentation, and analyzing costs, so majoring in accounting and finance was a no-brainer. I knew it was the right decision from day one. My coursework really went beyond the textbook and taught me about the inner workings of a business. I feel comfortable stepping into a company, analyzing numbers, and providing financial reports."

Tell me about your past relationships with coworkers/supervisors?


Company work is a group effort, and a person has to be able to interact with several types of people to succeed in his/her professional life.

There were many researches on the dynamics of co workers, since relationships between coworkers are related to job performance.

Therefore, one of the job interview questions that the hiring manager may ask about is your relationship with co workers (i.e. and teammates) to know how good a team player you are or if you have effective communications skills.

They want to know that you are comfortable working with others.

How do you handle pressure and stress?


Handling the stresses and pressures that come with a job is part of life that most people know they have to find their handle on. Know yourself, know how you react to stress and how to avoid negative stress that makes you sick or less productive. By knowing yourself and your reactions, you then can work on how to handle stress and pressure effectively.

What's your motivation?


Regain your motivation by understanding the big "why" behind what you do. Simply keeping the bills paid is never enough. 

Why do you want to become a pharmacist?


Pharmacists have the ability to choose a career path that is a good fit for them. As long as they train and get the proper credentials, they can land a career that fits their needs and wants. A great thing about being a pharmacist is you have the ability to move around because your job is everywhere.

What study subject did you like the most? What subjects did you struggle with?


What problematic situations can occur in a daily job of a pharmacist?


It takes a lot of effort, and six to eight years of study, just to obtain a qualification of a pharmacist. When young people finally graduate, they often find themselves in a big debt. They invested their precious time and money, just to find themselves unemployed at the end. But how could it happen? There’s a pharmacy on every corner, isn’t it?

Many new pharmacies are opened every year, true. However, the graduates outnumber the job openings in a ratio higher than five to one. What’s more, older pharmacists typically keep their jobs for many years. They do not leave after a year or two. 

The result, and what does it mean for you? Recent statistics showed that companies and hospitals interview more than ten candidates for every single pharmacist job opening. Easy math–one job, ten candidates. We will try to help you to be the one who gets a job. Welcome to, website that specializes only in pharmacist interviews.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?


My strengths are is the positive attitude and creating the positive environment, I believe in work hard.

My weaknesses are that I don't like a sad person, I am very sensitive.

Describe the time when you went above and beyond what was expected of you?


As long as a company contributes to my success and I am contributing to the success of the company.

What is the difference between hard work and smart work?


Hard work relates to the body and smart work relates to the brain.

The anatomical name for the two bones of the forearm (lower arm) are the ------and -----?


Radius and Ulna

The anatomical name for the elbow is the process?



The anatomical name for the kneecap is the?



The anatomical name for the collar bone is the?



The anatomical name for the lower jawbone is the?



The anatomical name for the breast bone is the?



The anatomical name for the bones of the spinal column is?



The anatomical name for part of the skull is the?



The anatomical name for the bones in the ankle is the?



The anatomical name for the bones in the wrist is the?



The anatomical name for the ribs is?



The anatomical name for the large shoulder bone is the?



The anatomical name for the heel bone is the?



The anatomical name for the fingers and toes is the?



The anatomical name for the big toe is the?



The anatomical name for the tailbone is the?



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